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We are sisters from a family of six girls. We grew up in Michigan and later Marsha moved to Arizona. We had a talented mother who created and crafted with us as young girls. Through the years, we both continued to enjoy art and use it in our daily lives. Our mom taught us not to be wasteful and to use our imaginations in using odds and ends and otherwise discarded items to create unique art work. We have taught our own children from young ages many art forms and to expand their creativity. Together, some of our talents include, drawing, painting, sewing, and crafting. Now, with our families grown, we wanted to take the opportunity to create and craft together again. Zemado was inspired while visiting one another and trying to create the perfect boot purse for our own enjoyment. After many trials and errors, we now offer these unique and fun purses for your enjoyment. We take pride in constructing well crafted, earth friendly accessories while still paying attention to detail and style. We are sure you will get years of enjoyment from our unique creations.